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Spring Lake - Lake Board

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Spring Lake - Lake Board

About the Board

The Spring Lake – Lake Board was established in 1998 under Michigan’s Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act. The Board is composed of a lake property owner representative, a representative of each of the five municipalities bordering the lake, county commissioners from Ottawa and Muskegon Counties, the Ottawa County Water Resources Commissioner and the Muskegon County Drain Commissioner.

In 2014, the lake board held a public hearing and approved a new four-year lake improvement project for Spring Lake (2015 to 2018).  The program includes aquatic plant control, plant control coordination and field evaluations, water quality monitoring, and information and education. Project activities are coordinated under the direction of the lake board’s environmental consultant, Progressive AE. This web site includes information about Spring Lake and ongoing lake management activities.

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Michael Rolf, Secretary

Spring Lake Resident

John Nash, Chair

Spring Lake Township

Dave Split

Fruitport Township

Samatha Verplank

Village of Spring Lake

Roger Vanderstelt

Village of Fruitport

Vance Meyer

City of Ferrysburg

Roger Bergman

Ottawa County Board of Commissioners

Marvin Engle

Muskegon County Board of Commissioners

Joe Bush, Treasurer

Ottawa County Water Resources Commissioner

Brenda Moore

Muskegon County Drain Commissioner


Project Consultant

Tony Groves, Progressive AE