Spring Lake - Lake Board

Spring Lake is a drowned river mouth lake that formed as a result of fluctuating water levels in the glacial Great Lakes. With a surface area of 1,091 acres, Spring Lake is the 85th largest lake in Michigan. The mean or average depth is Spring Lake is about 18 feet and the lake contains 19,845 acre-feet of water--a volume that would cover 31 square miles to a depth of one foot. The shoreline of Spring Lake is over 25 miles long. The shoreline development factor of 5.5 indicates that the shoreline of Spring Lake is 5.5 times longer than if the lake were perfectly round.

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Lake Surface Area                  1,091 Acres
Maximum Depth                      40 Feet
Mean Depth                            18.2 Feet
Lake Volume                        19,845 Acre-feet
Shoreline Length                     25.3 Miles
Shoreline Development Factor  5.5