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News and Reports


On this page there are links to recent Spring Lake – Lake Board meeting minutes and several technical reports that provide additional information about Spring Lake and its watershed.


Meeting Minutes


Click here for a copy of the April 2022 meeting minutes.


Click here for a copy of the November 2022 meeting minutes.



Water Quality Monitoring and Plant Control


Click here for the 2022 water quality monitoring report.


Click here for the 2022 plant control report.

Lake and Watershed Management


Click here for the 2000 lake improvement plan.


Click here for the 2001 watershed management plan.

Click here to view the 2010 Rein in the Runoff  Citizens Stormwater Guidelines for Spring Lake


Click here for the 2015 report that discuses the impact of stormwater runoff on Spring Lake 

Click here for the Spring Lake 2018 external loading and toxic algae study.

Alum Treatment


Click here for a 2021 article that provides an overview of lake alum treatments.


Click here for a 2017 technical article on the use of alum in lakes (Wagner 2017)


Click here for the 2010 Spring Lake alum treatment report.


Click here for the 2018 report that evaluates internal phosphorus loading in Spring Lake 11 years after the alum treatment.


Click here for the 2022 Spring Lake sediment analysis and internal loading report.


2023 Treatments


Next Treatment
Week of May 22, 2023


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