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Want to Know More? was created as a resource for those interested in Michigan’s inland lakes. On the site you can find information about lake water quality, lake and watershed management, aquatic biology, invasive species, emerging issues, links to other sites and more. Information posted on the site has been thoroughly researched and designed to provide pertinent facts and figures about Michigan’s lakes in a readily downloadable format. Please visit the site and learn more about Michigan’s lakes.

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Michigan Lakes and Streams Association (MLSA) Dedicated to the preservation and protection of Michigan's inland lakes and streams.

Michigan Chapter of the North American Lake Management Society (McNALMS) The purpose of McNALMS is to promote understanding and comprehensive management of Michigan's inland lake ecosystems.

Sergey Gabdurakhmanov


Click here or on the photo for Spring Lake's watercraft controls.


Click here or on the image for the Spring Lake Yacht Club website.

National Park Service


Canada geese and how to deal with them.

Fish Kill.jpg

Find out more about fish kills.


Foam? Why is there foam on the water?

Algae and Secchi PAE.jpg

Information about algae growth.

Pollen 004.jpg

That stuff floating on the lake surface? It could be pollen.

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